Tuesday, August 19

A deliciously drippy break from the heat

Yup, it's Monday morning and it is raining! Seems appropriate really, but there's no dreary Monday-itis for this little duck, instead I'm grinning at the view outside my office window and enjoying the reprieve from the heat. Josie's folks arrive in a few days and everything is looking pretty green. We've dropped from high thirties to the positively chilly low thirties and I am even contemplating long pants!

Anyhow, weather aside, the weekend was great for the simple fact that almost nothing happened. It was one of those weekends that just seemed to keep on going. I got up at sparrowfart again on Saturday to get to the farmer's market and do a fresh bread run, and this time I even left the beloved to sleep while I shopped. The spoils this week included yukon gold and red skinned potatoes (to make up for having forgotten them last week), eggplant, more okra (yes it really is that good), a big bag of purple figs, some zucchini and some cherry and plum tomatoes. There was also a guy there this week selling some of the best looking herb plants I've seen in a while. If our deck wasn't already overflowing with edibles I would most certainly have taken a few off his hands.

Made it home with loot in tow, including fresh bread and some local crimini mushrooms (baby honey browns for you Aussie folk) from Wholefoods. Bastards still haven't restocked our favorite picholine olives but I'll forgive them this time because they did have some gorgeous ciabatta rolls topped with cheese and roasted hatch peppers...mmm

I didn't do too much post market cooking this time, but the plum and cherry tomatoes were promptly split and roasted with some garlic and rosemary. I stewed them down later and the combination of sour cherries and sweet plums made the most delightful pasta sauce - all smooth sweet acidity. But enough about food, I'm making myself hungry and it's only 11am. The rain is still falling and the ground outside my window is flooding. Got to love Texas for never doing anything half-assed!

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Anonymous said...

I have been craving for a read of your blog. Now feel emotional, being so close, but not really there. Loved all the fresh foods, and just reading. Hugs Mum.