Thursday, June 9

He's a well respected man about town

And he's oh so healthy in his body and his mind (to continue the Kinks theme...)

As it turns out we are very thankful that he is so healthy because the beloved and I are not! Somehow we both have pneumonia! (psst, she gave it to me...We have to tone down this whole sharing and caring thing) Actually it really sucks. We both feel absolutely shocking and we're barking like a seal colony. To top it off it looks like some kind of atypical pneumonia and we won't know what is the cause until next week because it is a public holiday Monday (and it took 4 tries to get any blood out of this little needlephobe). Thanks goodness for the Bears, especially Jeannie, for taking Roo off for adventures every day. Anyhow, so far Marty seems healthy so here's hoping he stays that way. The alternative is that the little bugger brought the bug home in the first place!

Yes folks, that is a seersucker suit with a matching peach tie.

But enough of that, onto these super cute photos of Mr Roo. I can't believe our little man will be two next month! He is awesome fun to be around at the moment, aside from the small moments of terrible-twodom that he drops into occasionally. These photos were taken on Easter Sunday when we went to a big Catholic church for baby Frankie's Christening.

The white sneakers do make him look like he was styled by Ellen...

The ironic thing is that we bought this suit in Texas for the previous Easter! (Suits for Easter Sunday are a big deal in San Antonio - probably America in general) We knew Marty wouldn't fit it that Easter but we were hoping he's be able to wear it to the wedding we were going to just after we arrived home. But of course the Roo turned out to be a skinny little elf so it was awesome that he ended up wearing it to an Easter service after all.

Waiting for the audience to go quiet before making his sales pitch...

He was, of course, entirely overdressed for an Australian Easter service but he seemed to make a lot of people happy just by looking so dashing so we didn't care :)


Ivy said...

You may have a male model on your hands! So cute. :-)

Feel better, J&J! Down with pneumonia! :-P

Freckled Sparrow said...

SO CUTE!!!! Feel better soon ladies. xxxx

Michele said...

My poor girls and you don't do things in halves. I'm so pleased you are being watched, by the medico's as this is pretty serious. Thank you Jeannie for all your help.

Marty looks so grown up and super, super cute. He looks like he should be at a wedding or
"Dancing with the Stars" Well done for keepint the outfit but how long did it stay clean:-(

Big A said...

Ray Davies would be proud of him!

I certainly am.


Aaron and Andrea said...

I don't think I have ever seen a cuter photo. Seriously, you have one gorgeous boy on your hands! He looks so smart!
Please get better soon xxx

Em Dee n the Roona Crew said...

soz to hear you are both so unwell :( wishing you lots of immunity boosting hugs (virtual, not physical, I dont want to get sick!!!)

What a goregous little man! Such a stunner :)

tabithakristine said...

What a cute outfit, and a cute little boy, too!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! He really is the cutest ever! Please write a new blogpost saying you are all well and thriving after the pneumonia?