Tuesday, June 29

Our new house

The view from our house at 7am. Yes, I get up early now!

Our new house is lovely. It is definitely winter here now but we're feeling pretty darn cosy. The house has good heating and gets lots of sun, and did I mention the view?!

Our quiet little cul-de-sac looking down towards Kingston beach

Our furniture is still pretty nana, since our Texas gear hasn't arrived yet, but it's all good. Great for Marty-cakes to crawl all over. He's not quite walking but cruising around all the furniture and taking the odd unassisted step when he's not paying attention. He's also taken to climbing on top of the coffee 'table' and kneeling up on top of it like the king of the world! Thank goodness he's now grasped the concept of 'backwards' for getting down off things. Well, backwards or the quick way (plonk)

One of the best discoveries (for Marty at least) about the new place is the bath. Not only is it luxuriously large but the tap has what amounts to a tiny shower head on it. What that boils down to is a lot of pressure which means bubbles! Marty had never really had a true bubble bath before but he loves it! If only we could convince him to drink less of it...

Marty-puddle is definitely a water boy

We're finally settling in, starting to invite people over and feeling generally more 'at home'. Marty is loving the space and basically thriving, even though he's still a teeny tiny little thing (he's built like a greyhound, all lean muscle and never stops moving!) Our cat Purry has finally returned to live with us after 3+ years with the Bears. He's a darling and so tolerant of Marty, who just adores him and wants to show it by ripping out his fur at every opportunity! Purry is a saint. We've been keeping him inside until he gets more settled but I'm pretty sure that if he isn't enjoying the attention, he's enjoying all the sun.

Tiddles darling

I know I'm going on about the view, but after living in the 7th largest city in America and having a view of houses and trees (which I loved, especially at this time of year with the storms rolling across...) well anyway, it makes a refreshing change to look out over water!

More of the early morning. Waking to this sure helps with the whole getting up thing.

Lots more to tell you soon! We're coming up for birthdays for both Marty and I. Sure, his first birthday is way more significant than my 33rd but I can't help but feel a tiny bit jealous! Not that I want to be 1 again. And yes, I know I need to attend to the title of the blog now. I'm getting there :)


Freckled Sparrow said...

Great post Jac! So good to see Purry :D Must be nice to have kitty cuddles again.

Anri said...

The view from your house looks amazing. Great to hear that Purry and Marty get along well. He's one cute cat!
Hope your Texas stuff comes soon...
Lovely to see Marty enjoying his bath so much too!

Anonymous said...

What are you doing posting at 2.45am? Lying in wake for the dawn photo opportunity? Or the junior burger wake up call?
Cosy home and Purry looks well grafted!

Lovely post......


Anonymous said...

Actually, I can see by my time of post that you are on Texan time!



Jac said...

oops, seems I haven't updated my profile location/timezone! Well spotted.

Gosh you guys are fast too.

Anonymous said...

Your new house is lovely - cosy, sunny, warm : ) Marty in that giant bubble bath is super-cute! Haha, my word verification 'baughter'an obvious 'bath laughter'! Love Britt.

Big A said...

New post received with mixed feelings: great to see (even though it'a just round the corner), but on the other hand it makes the rest of us bloggers realise how inactive we've been (eh, Racing Ruth?).

Better go and see whether Jo wants to take His Majesty out for a walk.

Mothersupex said...

Your doing well with all the work of making a house a home. Lovely to see Purry so laid back in one of his usual pose, that cat really has attitude.
Marty obviously loves his bubbles as well as his photo being taken, gorgeous.
Those sunrises are fantastic and to think once upon a time you would still be in dreamy land :D Perhaps on your birthday you can sleep in till, say, 7.30 a.m.

Ruthie said...

Lovely to see your new home, and the Puddle in the bath... perfect!
Big A, if you read this, ... you have some catching up to do...
Hugs to all 3

Word verification "facsvere"; an area of the stratosphere infected by FAQs

Ruthie said...


word verification "oussolde"
answer - I am!

Sorry, I just had to add it when it came up after I posted first one!

Mariposa del Diablo said...

Argh!! So jealous of your view!

CousinKel said...

How gorgeous is that boy in his bubble bath! Gorgeous photos of glorious sunrises and a smile from a stretchy cat - glad I stopped in to have a peek today because you've made me smile :o)