Monday, June 7

Finally getting started?

Last night was our first night in our new house...

Wait, I can't start a post there because there is so much that goes before it that I need to fill you all in on! Lets try a quick and dirty news brief:
  • We gave up on the idea of buying a house, at least for a while. Winter is not the idea time for this sort of activity not to mention that it was stressing the hell out of us! Instead we decided to look for a rental where we could ride out the winter, rest for a while and enjoy Tassie and sort through the ridiculous number of possessions we have.
  • We found a lovely little house just round the corner from Jo's parents (who we have been living with for the past 2 months, bless them!) It is a bit of a Nana house but it has amazing views (pics to come), a lovely garden, LOTS of storage and it is fairly safe for Marty the Destroyer.
  • We picked up the keys last week but since the house had just been painted we decided to let it air before moving in (ha - you'll see why I now laugh at this) and we organised to have the stuff we had in storage here in Tassie delivered so we could at least start sorting through it. Our Texas household goods aren't due until at least the end of July, maybe longer depending on clearing Customs.
  • I won't go into the details but the Tassie storage was a huge disappointment (there'd been a water leak into the container at some point so some water damage and lots of mould). So much for airing the house, since now most things we own smell seriously musty! Gah. Anyhow, I'm over the worst of the drama-queening about it and the only sad thing that was destroyed was the day bed Jo's mum had restored for her. The books were ok, the good china survived and most of the rest of our stuff is crappy student gear that we were planning to replace at some point. Hakuna matata.
  • Last night was our first night in our new house (see I told you we'd get there) and it was also the coldest night we've had so far (3 degrees - eek!). The beloved was a bit chilly but I was toasty warm on the new mattress under a massive feather doona :)
  • I'm looking forward to finishing the pantry restock (no small task from scratch) and getting the front living room in order (the room with the amazing view). I think the beloved is looking forward to being free of the smell of new paint, varnish and mildew - hehe.
  • Marty-puzzle is a little out of sorts but he'll settle in. He's mostly missing grandma and papa I think, plus he's also been fobbed off a lot lately while we unpack and clean. He did have his first real bubble bath last night and loved it.
Anyhow, that'll do for now. So much more to come! Sorry about the lack of pics, I'm on the wrong computer. If anyone wants our new address fling me an email.


CupKate said...

Hurrah for settling into a new home (for now, or however long - at least you can stop stressing about that). Sucky about all the mouldy stuff, and I hope you get some sunny days to air out the mouldy smells. Look forward to visiting and seeing it all with the Jac and Jo touch like all your other little homes!

April said...

miss you guys and glad you're getting some roots down. i've been thinking of you all lots, but we've been busy. smooches to you, the roo, and of course the beloved.

Anri said...

Yay for a new home, hope you'll be happy there until you can find a new house. Shame about your mouldy stuff, but guess you were planning to replace new stuff anyway
Cant wait to see pics xx

Mothersupex said...

It's sad about the mould and it is a horrible smell. (any insurance on the container contents?)
It's a real shame about the daybed.
It's makes good sense to rent for a while, then find your new home, at your leisure. Winter is a good time though, to see where some houses have rising damp or where the drainage goes (an extremely wet back yard. etc) or where the winter sun hits the house, so still keep a look-out, once you are organised.

Big A said...

Granma and Papa are only just getting used to having such a quiet house! Thank goodness they are just around the corner; it's a bit sad not to have the Roobot within reach.

And I can vouch for the fact that it's a nice little house.

Vikki said...

Glad to hear things are settling down. When the pantry is stocked, I'll be ready for more pics of amazing food :)

Anonymous said...

Your house looks LOVELY. Well done. Purry looks very content and as for Marty...well. no words to describe.

Sorry about the mould though, it is a horrid smell and the loss of somethings is sad.

GA Kate