Sunday, October 4


Marty has shown himself to be a real social animal of late since we've been lucky enough to have a steady stream of visitors. Our friend Julie came to visit for a week as part of her 'North America 09' tour. She didn't get to see a whole lot on San Antonio, although she did spend a day exploring downtown and the river walk on her own, but she slotted in well with the daily Marty and Mama routine. We did make it out a few times, including a trip to our new favorite restaurant Tre Trattoria (more about that another time).

Jules and a somewhat floppy Roo

Our dear friend Brandon has also come to visit us twice in the past few weeks! He's a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines but San Antonio is still well out of his normal route. Brandon is such a lovely boy - we'll be incredibly lucky if Martyn turns out to be half the man Brandon is (pr half as good looking). Marty definitely enjoys his visits, lots of big grins! This last trip Brandon came for breakfast (a good Aussie cook-up but healthy too!) then, since it was such a perfect day, we went out for a walk and some shopping. Brandon carried the Roo in the front pack and had fun pretending to be the handsome daddy :D

Marty helping Brandon with his stomach crunches

Also, in between Jules and Brandon, our friend Lara dropped in for dinner and brought her absolutely adorable 4 month old girl, Lynnea to visit Marty. He was a gentleman and shared his 'lucky Claire blanket' with her!

Lynnea and Marty getting to know each other

And to top off visitor season, the traveling bears (aka Jo's parents/my outlaws) arrived last night looking not too shabby for 30+ hours in transit! To herald their arrival San Antonio turned on the weather with stormy skies and 100% chance of precipitation, typical!

These visits are bittersweet, however, since we know there are so many other people who wish they could meet Marty (some of whom are even foaming at the mouth -yes I'm looking at you Rennie). Not too much longer to wait.

Marty Roo - sucking people in like satellites since 2009...


Big A said...

Are you allowed to be the first commenter when you actually there?

But I just have to tell Rennie that squeezed Marty Roo's chubby thighs on her behalf!

They lived up to expectations.

Hilary said...

Not fair!! I got all teary thinking of "the bears" getting to share your beautiful boy, just the way it should be. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy then....Hurry up and come home!! Lots and lots of love H and cousins big and little C!!
P.S Lookin good in the robots Mr Roo ;) xxxxx

Hilary said...

....that was "hurry up and come home Jo-Jo, Jac-Jac and Marty"...when I re-read it it sounded like I was having issues sharing Jeanie and Big A!!!! (not to say I don't miss them!!)
Love you ALL xxxxx

Mothersupex said...

Well Hillary I did have the tears thinking that his other grandparents are there and having lots of cuddles. Good on them, as they are there on a mission. Just wish that we could have been in a position to help out, but unfortunately not so. A & J, lots of cuddles from us please. Little Marty Roo will wonder were all these people are coming from, having all the visitors.

My word verification:- isback - how about that :)

Anonymous said...

What a lot of visitors! And Roo looking super sweet as usual!
All my envy, I mean Love to A & J, And I hope they can my share of hugs and thing to Roo as well as everyone elses!
I hope you've got them in training already! I will be thinking of Jo especially when the time comes for them to take over during work hours.
Photos please of the "grand" famoly, once over the travel!
Love to all 5 of you!
Oh , have you named the griffen yet?
GA Kate

GA Kate

Adrienne said...

I know it's a sin but I am covetous, envious and just plain old jealous as all get out!


Anonymous said...

I'm with Rennie...Very, very jealous! He is just divine and I hope Jean and Big A get lots and lots of smiles and cuddles from their gorgeous grandson! Love the family photo - you guys look incredibly happy!
Love to you all xxx

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Marty gets to hang out with two of his grand-parents! Have fun all of you. Love Britt. X