Saturday, October 17

Visited by 'escapees from the bathroom'!!

A present arrived in the mail today that made me laugh so hard I had to share it with you all immediately! My sister and her partner ordered these little beauties from Sweden for Marty and he is going to love them (we sure do!)

Pee and Poo! Although I think we might call them Pipi and Popo (which I think is the Spanish version?)

We're off to Hawaii bright and early tomorrow for the American Society of Human Genetics meeting, and some much looked forward to R&R! I probably won't be able to post any photos until we return (not taking the camera transfer cable) but I will be sure to take LOTS. For now though, here's a vid of Marty practicing his pool swimming (from September)

Honolulu here we come!


Dumblond said...

Pee & Poo!!? Oh.My.Gawd...
I know you have to work (kinda) while you are in Hawaii but I hope you are able to have some fun too!
And was that a conscious and Marty having the same hairdo in that picture?

Jac said...

Hehe Shana, with his hair it is never a 'decision' and yeah, hoping for play > work :)

Mothersupex said...

Pee and Poo, or Pipi and Popo, are amazing. Wonder where she found them and how thoughtful. Thanks for the peek.
We never tire of the photo's you put up but can honestly see how much Marty has grown. You would probably not be so astounded, as you have him everyday, but to us, it is very pronounced.
Enjoy Honolulu and unwind, after the business part is done. You will have quite a map, on all the places you have been. A wonderful experience and a feather in your cap, for coming so far, with your determined work. You deserve the rewards. Safe journeys for you all.

Mothersupex said...

Word verification was "bless". Says it all

sophie said...

Good luck with the presentation in Hawaii, hope all goes well. Have a fantastic holiday and enjoy the R&R. Great to see Marty looking so happy and healthy, clearly a product of the wonderful life he has at home. Looking forward to having you all back home one day in the future.
Take care


Adrienne said...

I never realised that numbers one and two could be so darn cute!


word verification = obble, meaning the sound one makes when shouting under water.

Vikki said...

Have a great trip!