Saturday, May 23

The beloved's birthday

I know this happened a while ago but I thought I'd pop up a quick post about Josie's birthday since it is a good excuse to post some more Pregatron photos :D

See, from the front you can't really tell she's pregnant!

But I promise she really is! Hard to believe we nearly at week 33 though.

The week of Josie's birthday was pretty hectic as we had collaborators visiting from Portland then a visitor from Tassie on the weekend, but we did go out for a special dinner with the work crowd on the Friday night at a fabulous place called Tre Trattoria. Great linguine with clams, excellent antipasto and I think half the table ordered the fresh pasta with wild mushrooms and thyme, including the birthday girl!

Somebody was asking what she got for her birthday, so I thought I'd post a couple of pics on here. Jose would be the first to profess that she was spoiled rotten, but it was brilliant to see her light up every time a card or package appeared. Eclectic presents not shown here include a footspa, antique plate-fragment jewelery and Charles Rennie Mackintosh glass decals direct from Scotland!

For those of you who don't know, our hamsters died while I was in Australia. They were well over their expected lifespan and had lived very happy hammie lives. We feel bad about the names we gave them now because Busy appeared to just run out of steam and Lumpy died of a tumor... Anyhow, the point is that I found her this actual-size needle-felted hamster for her birthday as a memento of our girls.

Robo the tiny hamster and her birth certificate. Also shown is a card that totally cracked me up!

I also found her these lovely earrings that were handmade by a jeweler called Joanna Rutter from Devon, and I highly recommend her work! I found both the earrings and the hamster on Etsy (support handmade goods!)

The tiny bird earrings

And one last present that I just had to show you. Our friend Katy went to Paris to bring us back some baby Dior socks! I kid you not. Ok it probably wasn't the only reason she went to Paris but still, how cute are they??

That's baby Dior darling


Bee the Comics Widow said...

Weehee! 33 weeks! Congrats guys. Those pics are super. We're so sorry about your little hammies tho:(

Esty = love.


PS> My word verification is "Pressi"! How appropriate for a post about a birthday.

Mothersupex said...

So nice to see Jo and what a lovely thought, re the hamster. Love the earings and also the socks, well just perfect for such a special baby.


Big A said...

Glad you liked the card. There's a whole series of them from old Ladybird books, very 1950s. The ear rings are very cute, and made in Devon! Well, why not?

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see more pics of our little girl. You look beautiful Jo. So glad you could get a little hamster, I was having problems getting a suitable shape from old blog pics.
Love Jeannie

Jac said...

Thanks guys. Doesn't she look fabulous?? :D

Jan Brady said...

Hi Jac,
i like your blog and i like looking at the photos with the baby in her tummy.
i wonder if its going to be a girl or a boy?
i've got a blog too!!!
my blog sites called Jan Bradys Blog.
From Lily a.k.a Jan

Jac said...

Ooh hey Lily, I saw your blog! I guess you really do like the Brady bunch eh. Give mum a hug from me :)