Wednesday, November 5


[UPDATE: John McCain just gave the most impressive concession speech, so gracious. He has gone up in my estimation (although I always thought he was a good man, just not the right man). As for "caribou barbie"...]


Ok so it's only predicted at this point but wow. There is a love in my heart for America at the moment. Virginia - gold (well blue), Florida, finger's crossed...but even if the all go pink I think the fat lady is still warming up with her tralalas.

Back to juggling the idiot box and the laptop and this yummy plateful of apple pie!

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CupKate said...

Hurrah! We were watching at about 207 for Obama, went to make a cuppa and came back and was all of a sudden 300!! So good! The popular vote looked close though. Enjoy the celebration and well done to America.