Wednesday, December 19

Wandering Kates

Random update: Kate missed her flight into San Antonio so the poor thing in stuck in stinky Houston for another few hours. Like mother like daughter I guess!

Does give us another hour or so to attempt to tidy the Christmas explosion that is our apartment at the moment!


CupKate said...

I made it eventually... not quite sure how I managed to miss it as I was in the airport from my connecting flight but the announcements must have only been near the lounge and I was passing time in the shops admiring slogans like 'Don't mess with Texas' on fridge magnets, Christmas stockings, t-shrits, post cards etc. So I got a few extra hours to sit in Houston - only this time I didn't leave the gate lounge! And its great to be here... aventures are sure to follow.

Timmy B said...

Well well well... please look after my little Kate there Jac, she obviously needs to be!
Have a wonderful time with her, I wish I could be there.

Jac said...

Hey Tim!

Course we'll look after her. Wish you could be here too! Maybe next time. We'll try to keep you posted. Off to Sushi Zushi for soft shelled crab and other delights tonight :)

Big A said...

Ah, the soft-shell crab! How do you portray dribbling in text?

Have a nice time, Kate.

CupKate said...

Soft shelled crabs were goooooood. There's be a way to make dribble shapes out of punctuation and stuff somehow - but I tried it and it looked silly.

CupKate said...

And now I wandered home (well nearly) and am enjoying sunny Sydney for a few days. I was so lucky - I got the two seats at the very back of the side row on the plane - and had both to myself! Was so lovely to see you guys!