Friday, December 21


I couldn't believe my eyes the other morning walking past one of the trees in our complex - hanging from it was mistletoe! Real mistletoe! I've never seen it before and it was like the spirit of Christmas incarnate and parasitic, sucking the life out of a little pecan tree (well maybe not quite that dramatic!) However, it is a gorgeous specimen, perfectly round, about the size of a basketball, and fruiting! I doubt there's anyone else on this earth quite as excited about this as me but that's ok!

In other news I did a test run on the roast pork that we're coking for Christmas tonight...The crackle was perfectly crispy and the meat was good, basted overnight in garlic and thyme. I cooked it on a bed of red onion and pear...tasty! But enough food talk because I'm full! Happy Christmas lead up and such!


Mothersupex said...

You should invent the droolometer. My score would be 9.9 with spaghetti straps of drool hanging past my chin, like Ellie our Wonder Dog did.
Pleased it worked out well, perhaps you have picked up some tricks from Dad or Gavin, or have watched very carefully!
Hugs to you all.

CupKate said...

I liked the mistletoe - although I wouldn't have identified it on my own. And the pork was good too. :)

Teresa & Steve said...

Hi guys. Hope you had a great christmas day and didnt get to full of food or cheer. A fantastic day was held here. Stay safe and talk to you both soon.

T & S

Anonymous said...

Hi to you both,
We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas Day and your "Chockies" and card were placed on the centre of the Christmas dinner table, so you were both a part of the celebrations.
Back at base now, after Dad did many things for Uncle John, including mowing ALL the grounds for him, even near the bee hives. Uncle John didn't tell him he needed to have the bee gear on when doing it. Dad was flapping his hat, yelling, screeming, swearing as most of one hive chased him. He came out of it with 5 stings and Uncle John, who came to the rescue, got one on his ear. I was laughing as it was nearly as good as him falling in the pond with water lilies hanging from his glasses.
Hugs to you both

Anonymous said...

Hi again,
Dad is recovering, though I should have put a 1 in front of the 5. Stingoes and a multitude of other creams and gels are doing their job. Came back fron Uncle Johns on 30th, today being 31st, so we need to get the place in order here.
Hope your having lots of fun with visitors.
P.S. Gavin did a great Pork here.

blogglemunger said...

Hi gals,
We're sitting here at 1:10 of the new year and thinking of you both and your lovely card. Thanks so much and apologies for not having reciprocated. Good grief. We expect to be on no-one's Xmas card list forever in the future.
We put Sylvia and Rohan on the plane for Budapest on 27 Dec. Recently received txts indicate fur coat, -10 deg C spas with The Treatment and the State Opera. Seemingly they are having fun. They're off to Val D'Isere via Paris in a few days for some skiing. We, meanwhile, will be sucking our teeth on the front verandah.
Your pig sounds fantastic: we did goose. Or rather, Ph, Rohan and Sylv did the poultry and Lion and I did the dishes. A great time was had by all. The bread sauce was especially good; followed by the cheese course and the pudding with brandy cream sauce. Will repeat for any occasion when you two happen to be in town.
BTW, there's a Pat in Cradoc who runs the pet motel into which Pirate was a visitor recently while we were in Melb. She knows Jeanne—it seems? It's a small world; or, the world of vertebrates is closely connected. Pat is a serious blonde.
So, here we are at the beginning of 2008, having knocked over a bottle of Jansz and thinking of our fav 'recent PhDs' and wishing you were here to admire the work we did in the garden today and, frankly, knock over another bottle of Jansz. See you soon.
Much love from us and hugs and cheers for 2008.
Ph and J
PS Whatever happened to Heartthrob Harry?

ali said...

Hi bella!
So it looks like you've had Christmas cheer all round. I thought I'd let you know that me and your bro rang out the Christmas night in style with tequila shots and shortbread. Missed your beautiful face and Jo's sparkly stars- (does she even still wear them?) ... Anyway, Happy New Year! I hope all that Christmas drink is keeping you warm.
Its going to be 41C here tomorrow! Yikes!
- love you.