Wednesday, April 18

Strange Fruits

One of the most amazing things about being here is the variety of fresh food that we can get hold of. We recently went to my favorite Chinese grocer for supplies such as noodles and peking duck, and came across packets of fresh water chestnuts! They were amazing! I had no idea they tasted so sweet, almost like fresh coconut, and so light and crunchy. I googled them to make sure they could be eaten raw (yes), but we also had some in a green curry (which also had the yummiest fresh bamboo shoots that we found!) They are, however, a right pain to peel.

The second example is Jo's valentine's day present... They're called ugli fruits, for good reason! They seem to be a delicacy here, although I didn't like them much! Lucky for me Jo did. They're like a grapefruit, but with more pith and less flavor, but the insides break into segments more like a mandarin. The fruit itself also feels like a mandarin, but tastes a little like a watered down lemon. So really, an odd collection of bits from a wide range of citrus, non of them particularly striking except for the look! Ugli...

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Anonymous said...

I've heard of uglis mbut never known anyone who ever ate one. I can now tick that one off my list. I was never completely sure they weren't a joke.