Thursday, March 23

So long and thanks for all the cheese

Hello dear friends,

I know, it's been a near eternal wait for the next exciting entry in Jac's blog (or not - I doubt anyone will notice the update!) I've had to let the blog slide for a little while, partly because life got on top of me and partly because I don't have a computer.

Anyhow, I've arrived in sunny San Antonio (notice I didn't say beautiful San Antionio - because it's not). I'm now going to cheat and paste sections of my recent emails on here. however, I'll have the blog back up and running as soon as I get my new spunky laptop - I'm drooling at the mere though of it (although I feel somewhat traitorous because I went with a Sony rather than my beloved Toshiba...but the Toshibas just weren't powerful enough!) I'll also put some pictures up then because I'll be able to get them off my camera!!!


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