Thursday, March 23

Arrival in San Antonio

I arrived in Texas on the 16th of March after only 3 flights and a pretty good run. There was the usual bumpy bit over the middle, but all good. The plane wasn't very full so I had a spare seat next to me on which to sprawl slightly less uncomfortably. I didn't sleep much though, and the food was terrible. Someone remind me never again to order a hot breakfast on a plane. Blergh...

I did, of course, get selected for all kinds of extra security screening, but my run through immigration was pretty good.

My first impression of San Antonio (through miserable and tired eyes) was that it was very flat, very dry and somewhat industrial. I expected a cowboy to come riding out of the trees at any moment! The trees were all pretty scrubby and in need of rain, and everything had a fine layer of yellow dust (which I now know to be mostly due to the neverending roadworks around here). I didn't really like it, but it's growing on me now ;)

Initially, life consisted of far too much gum and too few squirrels (although I have since seen a few of my furry friends). I now have a happy balance between gum and wasabi rice crackers.

The day I arrived I went to apply for my social security number, and that waiting room was truly a dismal American experience, but you can't do anything here without one (the number, not the experience). After that we went to my FAVORITE place, the supermarket, and although I was dog tired the candy isles brightened me up no end. I even found a good Californian pear cider...yum.

x Jac

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CupKate said...

Hi Jac
Glad to hear the gum has been blanced with wasabi crackers. Have you found any marshmallow cereal to try yet? Supermarkets are great! I loved the squirrels in england too although i think they were viewed by locals in a similar way to the way we view possums. But hey!
Look forward to some pictures from sunny San Antonio!