Friday, June 15

Introducing our newest family member

We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of our newest family member! Marty's little brother has a perfect four legs and a rather handsome tail, to match his lovely red fur :) Noonbarra McKenzie (or simply Kenzie Dog) arrived this evening from Orange, NSW.

Ok, I know this may be unexpected and yes, according to the blog I'm still stuck in NZ, which I assure you I am not and have not been for some time! Yes there is a lot to catch you all up on but we'll get there. Frankly I am still having trouble dealing with the fact that we are no longer living in Texas and that's news from 2010!

Anyhow, short story - we have a new puppy. He is an Australian Working Kelpie, nearly 9 weeks old, red and tan and FRACKING GORGEOUS! Not to mention intelligent. Don't even go there with the suburban kelpie, you don't know what you're getting yourselves into 'OMG are you NUTS!?' argument. Don't bother. Our choice, our pup and heck, we already have one (human) kelpie :)

Here's some cute fodder to keep you going. They're all sleeping pics because he moves too fast for the camera when he's awake ;) Video soon!

And if you want some background or you want to know exactly why we picked a kelpie, just check out his breeder - Noonbarra Kelpies. More soon!


Ruthie said...

Hey :-) So good to have a post... and what a handsome addition to the family!
Will have to read up about them as have never heard of a kelpie before :-) Lots of love to each of you :-)

Michele said...

He is a beautiful colour and I agree, very handsome. It's wonderful that the four little feet, will join with Master Marty, and together there will be a fantastic bond that will only deepen with time. Well done to you all and congratulations.
We are on a high knowing he has finally arrived :-)

Anonymous said...

Awww What a cutie! Sounds like he has a temperament to match a german pointer too ...(which we have a lot of experience with)... Marty must be the proudest little man ever!!! Looking forward to seeing some more pics?
Love from Mona , Johannes, Anna, Alfred AND Ronja (Woff)

Aaron and Andrea said...

wow what a cute dog! Hope he is the perfect excuse for going out on lots of walks. Sophie would love to meet him one day I'm sure.
Just googled Kelpies as we don't seem to have that breed over here.
Enjoy your new doggie!!x
love from your Leeds Cousins x

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