Monday, July 25

Back in the US of A

Howdy y'all. Before I get onto this post I should let you know that my Aussie phone doesn't work while I'm here in the US so I'm missing any calls or texts. However, both our old US mobile numbers still work. Email me if you need them.

Ok, back to your regular programming...

A quick post with a few notes I threw together on re-entering America. I had a great trip over mostly because it wasn't a full flight and I got my upgrade.

Premium economy was awesome (Qantas). Not a whole lot more room but room in all the right places and it reduced the whole press of humanity feeling that you get in economy. Of course that was helped by the fact that I was in a row of two and had no one sitting next to me :) I ate dinner, drank more whisky than was good for me thanks to the awesome Jules (my new flight attendant friend) and watched Voyage of the Dawn Treader which was so-so but filled in the time. Then I popped a melatonin (around 9pm destination time) and snuffled round to find a comfy sleeping spot in the hope of at least dozing for a few hour. I surfaced a few times but figured I'd only been out an hour or so. The next thing I know there's a PA call asking for a doctor and I checked the flight path to see 2.5 hours remaining! I was positive it had to be wrong, I've never slept that well on a flight! There was just enough time left to eat breakfast, fill out my customs forms and watch an episode of Big Bang Theory before we were packing up for landing.

Some notes on re-entering the US:
  • Why is it that Immigration always makes me forget which is my right hand?? Also, apparently I have sucky hands for fingerprinting.
  • I should stop ticking the customs box for food when I only have candy but I just can't, it doesn't feel right...
  • LA smells faintly of poo. This is always my quickly forgotten impression on walking out those doors.
  • Iced tea is as good as I remember. Why can't we make good iced tea in Oz? And i remembered to ask for unsweet which makes me proud of myself even after forgetting which hand was which.
  • A 6 hour layover in LA is waaay overkill.
  • Sorry to harp on but iced tea really is something Australia should get the hang of. For me iced tea should be unsweet and black with a wedge of lemon, not that fruity sugary stuff. It is wonderful!
  • I like shrimp. I like coconut. I do not like coconut shrimp. 
  • I really shouldn't go to chain seafood 'restaurants' for breakfast, especially not in airports!
  • Toilet bowls full of water...seriously? Does the tide really need to be that high? And how come I never manage to remember that little quirk until I go and stick my bally hand in there?
Americans are generally really nice people. There is a noticeable difference between sitting around among my fellow humans in the crowded backend of LAX compared with, say, the crowded backend of Melbourne airport. Australians go to a lot of effort to ignore their fellow man whereas Americans will strike up a conversation, and usually it isn't is a creepy way, just friendly. There's a huge difference between the two behaviors and to me, Australians just seem so suspicious; which is odd when we pride ourselves on our 'g'day mate' attitude... but I think you only get that after you prove yourself to be a mate.

Border protection/customs/immigration don't count under the above but that's ok, they have an important job to do and as a nervous flyer anyway I totally appreciate what they do. Some of them even manage to smile. Never the ones I get mind you...

The other odd thing I've realised is that I have lost my ability to clearly distinguish American from Australian in almost all aspects (other than building and car construction which are both uniquely different). I used to be able to scan faces while we boarded the flight to LA and pick out who was an Aussie and who was from the US just by facial structures and gestures. Now both are so normal to me that I have totally lost that ability. The faces, the language, the brands... Everything from both worlds feels so normal to me now. I'm even having trouble picking accents, well at least I thought I was until I chatted to my beloved on skype and realized how broad her Aussie accent has become. Mine must have too because people here who used to understand me just fine are now cocking their heads and looking puzzled whenever I talk.

Anyhow, I'm in Texas now after a week in Portland. I can't post pics until I find some way to get them off the card. Tomorrow is my first day back at my old workplace AND my birthday so a good combo really.

It has just been pointed out to me that it is officially my birthday in Oz so happy birthday to me...


Ruthie said...

Happy birthday me?
I think I've heard something similar recently...
Go well Jac,


and ...Happy Birthay You!

ps word identification "alibuf".. a naked alibi?

Big A said...

I think that should be "Happy you birthday".

Whatever, enjoy it.

Kate said...

I tried to say shouldn't that be 'happy me birthday' - the same as everyone else. But it was via twitter or something on my phone.. too much technology. And now its not your birthday here anymore.. maybe there? Ah well, enjoy the Texan food and friends.
PS your small boy and I both seem to have spots - hand foot and mouth by their distribution! I blame some other small child at the 2nd birthday party!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jac!!!


Michele said...

A very happy birthday Jac. It is a different one for you away from your beloved and also your wonderful son. Pleased the flight was good and this was a great post. No doubt all of your friends and workmates are welcoming and making a fuss of you. Happy birthday again. P.S. Gav and family are enjoying Fiji. Amber has lost another tooth and wonders if the tooth fairy gives
Fiji money or Australian money.
Hugs from Dad and I.

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