Tuesday, November 9

Finger painting for grown ups

Well I'm back. There are a bunch of things I want to post about but I've been slack since posting requires photos and I've been too tired/busy since I got back from the US to pop them on the lappy let alone get a post out.

However, since I'm at work waiting for a 6gb file to transfer across the planet I thought I'd let you in on what has been getting me through the work days, or at least the meeting component of those days. I have always been a fan of sketching while listening. Somehow drawing helps me focus on what people are saying in a way that watching them just doesn't. Now that I have the 'new trinket' aka the ipad, I can do this in full colour while looking like I'm taking notes! Awesomesauce no?

I haven't spent a lot of time fooling around with the shiny thing yet but I can tall you that the Sketchbook Pro app is totally worth whatever measly price tag it has. It it intuitive, stable and lets you layer and stuff. The following pic is only my second attempt at using the program (Josie say's the first attempt was too dark - probably something to do with how I was feeling about the meeting I was in!) This little guy is far from perfect but he was fun to create and took maybe a couple of hours all up. And yeah, it's all done with my fingers, I don't have a stylus and I don't really think I want one now.

Anyhow, just thought I'd share to get the blog rolling again!


Andrew. said...

love this little guy.
has he got a name?

i like it when you have meeting :)

you should upload you latest creation to www.redbubble.com so those of us who love your art work can buy it as a t shirt.

Jac said...

Thanks Andrew! Was hoping you would like it. I did pop him/her/it (Snook) on redbubble but the output filesize is just too small I think. Have to see if they're looking to go higher anytime soon.

Mothersupex said...

I think "pinkie' us cute and would take off, if you do T-shirts. No doubt about you and your talents and now an iPad, well we are just being left behind.
Good that you are back safe & sound to your little family.

Spirit of Peace Church said...


I love the cutie's color. Kinda like bubble gum.

I was very sad when I heard we'd missed you SOP visit. Wouldn't you know that would be one Sunday we'd not attend.

It's always great to read your blog. Please say Hi to Josie from John and me.


Big A said...

Sure it's a great app, but what you fail to say (but we all know) is that it takes TALENT to produce images like that.

But hey, it's good to see you using Mac gear!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! That is truly magic. Ten fingers down.

Kristina said...

I am randomly strolling the internets... neato art! Happy New Year...

Alaska Fishing Vacation said...

colorful...i like the concept...specially the pink..I like it...

Alaska Fly Fishing

Keelmy said...

iPhone or iPad?
finger or stylus?


Hi Jac! :D

Jac said...

Hey Keelmy (I really have to stop calling you Hedd - The idea of calling Paul Shalan is weird so Hedd should be too!)

iPad, fingers only. Was only my second shot at sketchbook pro. I love the app - my only gripe is the low resolution output. If they bump that it'll be 5 stars for sure but it is a must have ipad app anyway.

Glad to see your blog is back up, I'll pop it on my blogroll :)

Occasionally Mom said...

Hi Jac, it's Laura from San Antonio, Spirit of Peace. It's been quite a long time but I do think of you all often. I so regret not getting to meet your little guy but we were busy getting a big guy. A year ago next week, we adopted a 16 year old boy. He'll be 17 next week, we adopted him on his birthday. Anyway, I hope you all are well and enjoying your little one whom I would guess is not so little anymore. Take care, Laura

Keelmy said...

Hedd is fine actually. It's kinda of a cool nickname and I sorta miss having folks call me it.

Give that stylus I mentioned in my blog a shot. Artrage is nice too but slow and at the moment a tad expensive. Art studio is better priced but a tad simple but fast (at least for sketching) just my take n what I have so far.