Friday, January 18

Happy Birthday Mum

Just a quick little extra to say Happy Birthday to my Ma, even if it isn't quite the 18th here yet.

And while I'm at it, here's a final shot of our Christmas tree (now back in its box) so that Kate can't tell me off for not posting it!

Click it for the big version. Nothing traditional about this baby but it is very Jo and Jac...whatever that means!

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Mothersupex said...

Thank you for the birthday greetings. Was very, very surprised to read my greeting, ta. Each time I come online, I look to see if something has happened, no, so just at the time when I don't look, there is something there, and it was for me, wow. It has only been a couple of days, and a weekend, and wow, there is a story and great pictures. Love the silicone string. Better pack some of that in the suitcase, when you come for a visit!!!!!!
Rosemary is over for a visit, and it showing us all about our Mac. She even gave me a book, so I can refer back to this, when the grey matter shuts down.
We have your little lamp burning and it is giving out a beautiful aroma, so we are thinking of you both.