Monday, December 25

Happy Christmas!!

Hello everyone, Happy Christmas!

Well, it's not quite Christmas day here yet but for some of you it is, and we're thinking of you. Christmas eve day here and while it comes with most of the usual excitement, it is also tinged with a little sadness and a longing for home... or shortbread.

We have very eclectic and simple decorations this year, but they suit the apartment. We also have a small tree made of rosemary!

Our rosemary tree
My step sister and her partner arrive today, hopefully, although they're currently stuck in Phoenix airport due to the inevitable delays. The weather here has been really intense the last few days, with thunder storms and lots of rain, and it's turned cold now, but still no real chance of snow for us here in Texas.

It looks like we're having a pretty big Christmas, with about 14 people from work and friend networks, mostly Aussies! Jo and I are in charge of cooking the Turkey, so we'll see if we can pull that one off. It may be an early start to Christmas morning, but it's all good. Dad has passed on his treasured 'Christmas Milk' recipe so I'll be maintaining family tradition and preparing that in the morning. It's a milky whiskey drink, sweet and totally drinkable, but not thick like eggnog (or eggy...) It doesn't seem to last very long though...

Anyhow, thinking of you all and missing you even more. Have a wonderful Christmas. All our love-

Jo and Jac ^_^


Anonymous said...

Alright, this isn't exactly a timely response, but Cool Whip is so NOT SCARY! I'm going to make several (at least two) Cool Whip desserts for New Year's! :)

Anonymous said...

And I'm also making Veast...the vegetarian cornish hen alternative. Cosmicly, the hens thank me. ;)